Tuesday, 22 February 2011

More experiments of shoot


The first set of images I did for this song were really unsuccessful. I didn't think or plan enough ahead to try and create what I had in mind. My aim was to create a series of images which portray the essence of being young, immature and carefree. To do this I wanted to get a small group of people who would all be dressing up, jumping in puddles and doing childlike things.

A few shots from the first lot 

                   Do not much like these, much.
                    But I do love the make up!
I tried to make it look like this girl was dressing up like how children do, but it wasn't rich enough and the make up is a bit too lush for what I wanted, not messy enough, it needed to be more as though a child had been rummaging through their mothers make up bag.

A few shots from the second lot

Slowly getting there....

Shots from the third lot

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