Saturday 10 May 2014

Paintings - work in progress

I'm focusing at the moment on painting out of positivity. I'm feeling very inspired by life, the small things which give so much beauty, meaning, fulfilment. Also the big things such as the gift of life itself! I want to focus on growth, birth, life, spirit, symbolism. Every day I find telling myself positive affirmations gives strength, belief and hope. Here is my current work in progress.... Forgive the not so great photo quality! 

I'm back!

Wow, it's tragic I've not posted anything on here for so long! SO LONG! Forgive me my friends. A lot has been happening, first magical pregnancy and finding a new home :) but I'm feeling inspired so expect to see alot more from me. 

Here are some odd sketches, roughs & drawings I've been doing...

Saturday 1 December 2012


More stuff for the new book :)

New Project - how exciting indeed

I'm currently working on a new book with my good pal T├ęto, it is about the universe and all its wonders and beauties. He is going to write it and then I shall scribble some kind of imagery. Should be good, I'm excited! XXX

I've been exploring different mediums to get the effects of a night sky - mainly i've been splashing lots of bleach about the place, here are the results.

Follow me my Lovelies :)

I've set up a facebook page which I use far more often than the blog, feel free to come and like me (please, PLEASE) haha..

p.s here are some recent titbits for thought

                                   AN EVER FLATTERING SELF PORTRAIT ABOVE.

Friday 5 October 2012

Hello again

And its back to my old faithful black biro again, oh how I've missed you my love. I haven't done nearly enough Illustrating since i graduated from uni... So here are some simple drawings to kick start my inspiration.