Sunday, 8 January 2012

A bad situation that couldn't have had worse timing..

I have a recurring theme throughout my book which is a black circle, it represents looming danger, being trapped, a whirlwind downward spiral of hope being lost, there is a sense of being watched, it symbolises a watchful eye, that feeling you get when somebody is following you, when you think you feel eyeballs burning into the back of your neck. Gross.

P.S something completely tragic happened yesterday, i finished all my layouts and pages for the final dark book, and my effing laptop decided to break before printing it or backing any of it up :( not just the finals, but everything else too, the majority of my prep work. Deadline is on tuesday. I am royally not in a good position at all. Trying to get it all fixed, its in the hands of curry's, which hopefully does the poor little hardrive some good after the hands it got into yesterday. GODDDDDD WORK COME BACK TO ME! (Please). I've now wasted two whole days out of my plan on trying to get the thing sorted...hmmm, shit.

The above image was simply created using a combination of ink and paint.