Thursday, 10 March 2011

New project 'Online'

Website ideas and first drafts

Our new brief is 'Online'. It is focusing on creating a professional way for us to show our work and to get noticed (i think). Part of this is designing our own website, here are just my initial sketches and roughs for the homepage. I want the image it gives to the viewer to work with my style and atmosphere of my illustration so I am trying to create something quite whimsical with lots of typography, texture and colour.

Above is my first idea, I have only created a monochrome version as of yet, the tabs hanging from the tree take you to various areas of the website. The areas i'm going to include are:
  • Blog
  • Illustration
  • Sketchbook
  • Shop
  • About
  • Photography

Type will be a main focal point and I will create my own fonts or just use lovely, homemade, decorative text.

Happy Apples from the Olive Tree is a name I chose for myself as an upcoming illustrator a little while ago, I think I will keep the name and have this as the title for my website, it's a little more exciting than Olivia Henry.

Here is another example of my homepage but with more ideas. The tabs which take viewers to different areas could be wooden signs hanging from the branches, the shop could be a chest of drawers which open and take you directly to the chosen area.

I need to do more finalised images!!

Type For Website Title

'Happy Apples'

Just some rough ideas for the typography, I think in the second image the font in the centre is the most successful as it is bold yet decorative and fun.


  1. lovely, If only I could have such a non depressing website theme, I mean, vividsection? bleaker than a dead thing. xxxxx

  2. Thankyou doll! You are the original dark deathly critter, it's what u do, stick to it, it is good, wonderful and sophisticated!