Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Final Homepage for Website

This is my final image for my webpage, i like it BECAUSE its fun, the colours are good and im pleased with the layout, perhaps it could be improved by including more of my illustration on there?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sugary goodness

Experimenting with my font and different appropriate quotes about sweet things. I am actually really happy with the outcome it's colour and texture, it's quite fun and playful which was part of my aim!

Food for thought

Some interesting, some wonderful, some pure gross typography created from food.

Thomas Cheng

                                                                   Karen CantĂș

Jimmy Smith

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Here is my final image of the 'old- fashioned sweets' type I created, I think it could look better if it included many more hand drawn elements and collage also, these aspects are creeping in a bit with the numbers - I created these by using old sweets wrappers and sweet bags as backgrounds to my hand drawn numbers. I love the colours and the shapes but i feel the type would be more successful if the style of the lettering was more old fashioned to follow the theme more, although i am pleased with the idea and the sense of memories and nostalgia it brings. I chose to combine upper and lower case to add to the sense of childlikeness which is what this type is all about.

Below are just some of the backgrounds I used for the numbers, I decided that instead of using yet again more sweets to use wrappers that are as coloured and patterened as the sweets themselves. There are also a few random images of my experiments and progress throughout...

Saturday, 26 March 2011


I have made a few changes since the last upload of the zine, these include type, ive used a combination of hand drawn, letraset and computer type. Also i have added more photographic elements as the zine is supposed to include at least 6b here it is

I feel like it should be more abstract and not such a linear narrative but nevertheless i rather like it....just needs to be more, messy and experimental.

getting somewhere...

List of old fashioned sweets:

Buttermints, sherbert fountains, drumsticks, pear drops, liquorice, candysticks, dolly mixture, candy cane, rhubarb & custard, jelly beans, jelly babies, strawberries and cream, cough candy, lemon sherberts, chocolate mice, flying saucers, butterscotch, bonbons,parma violets, barley sugar, aniseed balls, nougat....

Just thought i'd upload a few pictures of my progression towards the final typeface. What a stupid idea choosing sweets for a project, I've nearly eaten them all!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Inspiration for my typeface

I took a load of random shots in my friends bedroom to base my type on, from these images I drew the idea of creating a whole type face based around childhood, from this I decided to create a type of old fashioned sweets to create a sense of nostalgia and childhood. The image of my hand drawn type experiments also influenced this idea as the letter 'A' reminded my of old skool ice cream you got from ice cream vans.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pages from my Zine on Homogenity

I used a combination of photography, collage, paint and drawing to achieve the desired outcome and to help tell my story.

Various pages from the zine ( however not in order yet...)

Monday, 21 March 2011

Fab Fonts

Another part of this project 'Online' is creating our own typeface, we have to choose an object and create the entire alphabet with it.

Here are some types i discovered and thought i'd share...

images found on: