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Some influential imagery i've stumbled across lately, and some classic stuff that has always amazed me...

Julie Morstad

Jennifer Tong

Gustav Klimt

Potentially my favourite artist that has ever existed, his paintings are so beautiful with the use of shape and  colour and I find the unique intricate approach fascinating. Klimt is simply divine! I think it is important to still look at the classics as opposed to just researching contemporary art because these original pieces were the influence for many works and movements that followed.

Water Serpents II

The Kiss

Mother and Child

Tree of Life


Schloss Kammer at Lake Atter I

Cd cover for matey boy

My friend has asked me to create an EP cover for his band Structure, these are my experiments and ideas, he saw the leafy bits I was doing and asked me to work with that..... The type is digital, I want to explore some hand drawn text and also need to lower the quality of the images as its taking an age to load, maybe need to make them less pixelated too....