Tuesday, 22 February 2011

some experimental pictures for make up, costumes and location of shoot


For this song, I wanted to try and capture the feeling of dreams and surrealism. The atmosphere of the song has attempted to be captured by photographing a friend who is the character Isobel exploring her woodland dream world.

I placed tea lights in tea cups to try and represent the      glowing lights in the song where the lyrics say: 'In a forest pitch dark, glowed the tiniest spark...' 
I like effect of these lights which appear to be glowing orbs.

 Really need to sort out this bloody red eye!

It was quite difficult taking these photographs because as soon as the scene was set up it started to pour down with rain! Also, I experimented lots with various settings such as candle lighting, close up and landscape. From these I am taking a preference for the candle light settings due to the soft warm lighting and hazey focus which I think would add to the whimsical dream element.

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