Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Birds and Beaks. Beaky.

Just some drawings from my sketchbook, they're just birds but birds are nice. I need to upload them in better quality at some point.......


Isabelle's Orchard

I was asked by my friends band (check them out, wonderful covers) Isabelle's Orchard to design some images for them. So here are my first ideas and experiments with seeing what happens when you just put pen to paper without having any idea in your head....

A combination of monoprints, drawing and some other stuff.

Monday, 15 August 2011


I spent a long weekend in Malmesbury recently for world music festival WOMAD. I had a fab time and watched some amazing performances! I feel all refreshed and inspired by all the colours and the smells and the acts and the food and the people and the music and surprisingly the alcohol, yes, WOMAD was a good time. I love the flags!

Gogol Bordello

some fun and frivolous Gypsy punk

Dhols of Jaipur

Me! No idea what's with the scarf



The Gotipuas, young dancers and acrobats from Orissa