Sunday, 27 March 2011


Here is my final image of the 'old- fashioned sweets' type I created, I think it could look better if it included many more hand drawn elements and collage also, these aspects are creeping in a bit with the numbers - I created these by using old sweets wrappers and sweet bags as backgrounds to my hand drawn numbers. I love the colours and the shapes but i feel the type would be more successful if the style of the lettering was more old fashioned to follow the theme more, although i am pleased with the idea and the sense of memories and nostalgia it brings. I chose to combine upper and lower case to add to the sense of childlikeness which is what this type is all about.

Below are just some of the backgrounds I used for the numbers, I decided that instead of using yet again more sweets to use wrappers that are as coloured and patterened as the sweets themselves. There are also a few random images of my experiments and progress throughout...

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