Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Hey ya'll...

Another project which is part of this module is creating our own Zine. We had to go out and take 6 photographs in various locations then from that create an 8 page book with a narrative including font, collage and all that jazz. I Decided to get my shots in Wimbledon Common woods, I did not have any narrative whatsoever in mind, I thought I'd work backwards and get the images then create a story to work with them.

Tis the season of the blossom, this makes me happy, it's my favourite tree.

Nice bin there.

These are some of the many I took, and from these photographs I developed a story about nature. The theme is Homogeneity and is about a young girl who is so in love with the trees that she takes them gifts every night, one night she lays in their shadows for so long she gradually turns into one.

I have written a kind of nonsensical poem (although is it really nonsense when it actually makes a tiny bit of sense?) but I feel there may be too much type if I include it, I might just use the photos and paint, collage and texture with odd words or sentences from the story to give the impression of the storyline.

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