Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stuff, research and things!

After spending so much time on sketchbook work and finding my ideas I have now decided after speaking with Steve and David that I am going to make my entire book by hand. We agreed that it would be far more precious, delicate and special than it simply being whipped up through a computer programme. There is nothing wrong with this, but it seemed almost ridiculous to make each part of my book by hand then scan it into a computer to reconstruct it and in the process lose much of the handmade quality that is in my experiments. So, I have been working on this final for just over a week and i have very, very nearly completed it! I have been using a variety of mediums and materials, such as textured papers to add surface to make it more engaging, paint, drawings, photocopies, buttons, sewing, glitter and just about every other thing you can imagine, it is going to be difficult to make it not look too tacky, I think a certain amount of tackiness is required, only just a touch.

These images below are unfinished, but i thought i would upload various stages of my progress. I've been exploring paint marks and techniques as a way of finding interesting backgrounds, unfortunatley the bottom two images are on the same piece of paper so when using spray paint for the black blocks it trickled through on the reverse image which is annoying.

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