Sunday, 21 November 2010

El Photoshop experimentos


Experimenting with handmaking different backgrounds and all imagery through hands on methods (drawing, collage, paint) then reconstructing in through photoshop. This would save me alot of time whilst working out the composition of each page, colours, etc. The top image is too simple and plain, I much prefer the Aquarius illustration below, I actually really like this image, the colours, and layout and pattern.


Aries experiments, I prefer the above type for its delicacy and how it seems to drift across the page, though i prefer the background of the below picture with the diamonds. I included these precious gems as the diamond is aries birthstone.

I quite like this background, it is simply paint and coloured pencils, i like the dreaminess and scaliness.

Exploring some layouts with type


  1. These are lovely! I especially like the red haired aires with the diamonds. Beautiful, as always. And a perfect subject for you, Olivia! xxxxx

  2. Why thankyou Jalinko! Much appreciated, such a lovely comment to grace the pages of my blog :) xxx