Thursday, 11 November 2010

More character sketches and ideas


Cancer girl - Could have an apron on and marigold washing up glove thingy majigs to show Cancerians love of home, family, cooking and nurturing.

Aries girl - Red hair portraying the fireyness of this sign, also red is one of Aries corresponding colours. Head tilted up to show big ego.
Virgo girl - Idea for virgo, use pastel, light colours to show purity and innocence as Virgo is the symbol of the virgin. Could have a halo above her head to also symbolise this purity, angelic.
Aquarius girl - Ideas, I like the idea of having her holding a big jug full of water with the water spilling over her body, this is the symbol of The Waterbearer.


  1. this is cute!!! where have you been olivia?! skipping class hasting style? haha :)

  2. Why thankyou! Ah ha, not at all...I've been going in, I just have not been in studios much :) shhhh Nina! Getting so much more work done at home! I will sort it out come monday :)

  3. i like a lot :) keep up the good work, get those pages done girl! xxx

  4. Thankyou Marissa!It's all in progress :) xx