Friday, 5 November 2010

Photoshop experiments

I imported some character designs which are my most preferred out of all the ones I have done and also scanned in different textured backgrounds into Photoshop to try and experiment with creating the final imagery for my book. I love using different surfaces together to get a sense of touch and to add interest. The Pisces image and the two Taurus images have not been digitally enhanced in any way, just constructed by using handmade images then recreating whole images through digital means. I feel like I do not want to lose the handmade quality of my work by going too digital as there is a possibility of losing some of the personal and whimsical quailities which I try to create. On the other hand, the image for Aquarius, the waterbearer, has been played with in ways i've never before explored and I really like the effect. It is like water pouring down upon the female which is a new found way of representing this sign.


  1. Really nice images olivia looks like your getting better on photoshop! =]

    have you done Capricorn yet?

  2. ah thankyou Jake! Yeah I am finally enduring the painful experience of photoshop it has taken about 3 years! Nope not yet will post it up when I have though x :)