Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I have been thinking of ways to show how the world would change if we lost all our honey bees and in the event of this happening many fruits, vegetables and flowers would disappear. The way I have thought about portraying this is by having the middle of the book turning from vibrant colourful images to black and white ones. As the honey bees leave the world so do all the leaves and all of the colour of the world.
The basic plot is a story book where the world is filled with beauty, only it is not so wonderful for the creatures known as honey bees because people were unaware of all the hard work they did to keep this planet so beautiful and fruity and delicious, so they fly away taking all the goodness with them only returning when they were truly appreciated. I am going to have a section at the end of the story with random bee facts so that the book becomes more educational and also end it with some kind of moral so that the children can learn something more, some kind of moral teaching. Perhaps ' always remember to appreciate before it is too late'.

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