Monday, 4 April 2011

New project time

We have been given the chance to set our own project and do whatever the hell we want! Great times. I have been exploring topics for a children's book, I love writing stories for children, something with a moral or something which is not only there to get their attention and look intriguing but something which they can learn from. Following my research I have decided to make a book about the mystery of the dying honey bee. This is a great topic for a kids story as it would teach them the necessity of honey bees on this world and without them the world would be a hideous and dull existence with barely any of the foodstuffs we have today. It is written that over the last 35 years the breed of honey bees has dropped by a staggering 35%, which is awful.

Just need to sort the actual story out now! P.s this is a very brave subject matter for me, seeing as I have Trypophobia and the pattern of honey comb and many bees together makes me feel disgusted and just plain wrong! 

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