Friday, 29 April 2011

page experiments

Time is going too quickly and it appears I may have over indulged over Easter a bit too much on chocolate and birthday times, so here are some recent workings trying to get to some final imagery for the story. I have a title! 'The mystery of the Honey Bees'. I like this, it is mysterious and hopefully makes people go "OOOOOOH...."

Compositionally i am pleased with the above image, but theres something i don't like about it as a whole, i think it is the colours and how some of the colours applied look too digital for what i want. This would be on the page showing a honey bees hard days work.

this is too bland and boring but i do think that some of the pages should have only slight activity in the images so add a change of pace .

Above a quick image where i scanned all the elements into photoshop and compiled it to look like this. Which is in fact what i have been doing for the majority of pages! Creating all the elements by hand to give it a personal and handmade feel yet then scanning these spoken of elements into photoshop to make it hopefully look somewhat more professional and also this saves time, I don't have much of that left.....

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