Friday, 21 October 2011

Exhibition - V and A Museum of Childhood

We went to somewhere or another in London to see two current shows at the museum of childhood which are very beneficial to my project. One was called 'The Stuff of Nightmares' which was about the dark and creepy aspects of fairy tales - it explores this dark side as opposed to the innocent happily-ever-after that people seem to associate with them.
The display was spectacular! Even more so because the majority of it - a forest of evil creatures, strange characters and happenings (the ideal setting for a whimsical trip into a fairy tale), were created by children who worked alongside artists for the project.

I really felt like I had stepped into one of The Brothers Grimm's or Perraults narratives. It was very atmospheric and impressive.
Here is the link for this show:

The camera used was on my effing blackberry so I need to go back at some point with a decent camera and take some decent photographs!

Various other bits and bobs from The Stuff of Nightmares
(Creepy as hell itself)

The other show we saw was 'Magic Worlds', this was a wonderful collection of dreams, fantasy and fairy tales. It took you on a journey of narrative and history surrounding classic fairy tales and literature. It was full of books, illustrations, sculptures, puppets and toys. It had a traditional feel which I loved for it being so nostalgic. 

Photographs from 'Magic Worlds'


Lord of the rings

Alice in Wonderland

Hansel and Gretel

Snow White and The seven Dwarves

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