Sunday, 9 January 2011

Print research- peacocks

Edward Bawden

 Artist Edward Bawden [1903-89] has been described as 'an outbreak of talent.' He created wonderful prints and this is perhaps my favourite. His use of shape, colour and scale really appeals to me. I love the way he has done the peacocks tail, like a spectacular fan.

I found these images (below), which although are not created through a print process very inspiring. It is in fact oil on canvas. I stumbled upon it on a website which has many nature based paintings so I thought I'd include it.
The source of the image was, which is a website and project run by three people, Todd and Liz Schaffer and Liz's sister, Sarah. The aim of the project is to purely promote contemporary African artists. I think this is a very compassionate project, to help those who are more in need in a third world country so thought i'd include this, also the artists really do produce some lovely paintings giving us a look into their culture and lifestyle, a true taste of African wildlife. Also, bearing in mind that all of Aesop' fables are based in the animal kingdom and have a moral to them I thought this quite appropriate.

( annoyingly I could not rotate these bottom images! But felt I should include them anyway....)

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  1. I've been drawing peacocks recently too! How odd. It must be something in the water.
    These are some lovely prints. xxxx