Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Illustrated book on star sign's sketches and ideas:

Pisces - The Mermaid

For my project I am creating an illustrated zodiac book, I want to characterise a female to represent each individual sign to try and really capture the traits we are supposed to have which are influenced by our zodiac sign. Alot of people think 'astrology, what a load of old bollocks' but it really interests me as I have a great interest in personalities and people. Also, there are many things to look at in our birth charts that influence us and make us different such as the placement of planets, the houses in which the planets are in etc etc. Elements are another focal point, these being water, fire, air and earth, these elements all add various qualities to each sign.

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  1. Hey Olivia! Why not lead with your own art work and put inspirations and other artist's work after yours? Don't hide behind someone else here this is your area to shine in and I want to see your work given priority.